Official draw: FA Cup Round of 5 drawer, minutes after the 4th round draw

The draw for the fifth round of the FA Cup has been made, shortly after the conclusion of the fourth round draw between the big clubs.

In the fourth round, there were some tough matches before the draw in the fifth round, with the two most successful teams in the Premier League, Manchester United and Liverpool, facing each other, but the winner of the fifth round will go through An easier test than the previous one, and they will play West Ham and Doncaster, who also clashed.

Chelsea were lucky again, and with a fourth-round tie against Luton Town, they will face either Norwich or Barnsley in the fifth round.

But Tottenham, who face Wycombe in the first round, face Everton or Norwich City in the fifth round, and could face Mourinho and Carlo Ancelotti.

Manchester City, who Beat to Cheltenham in the fourth round, will face either Swansea or Nottingham if they qualify, giving Pep Guardiola a chance to reach the quarter-finals of the competition.

The fifth round will be played on Wednesday, February 10.

Complete fifth round draw:

Fulham / Burnley vs Bournemouth / Crawley

Man Utd / Liverpool vs Stockport County / West Ham or Doncaster

Sheffield Utd / Plymouth vs Mill wall / Bristol City

Chorley / Wolves vs Southampton / Shrewsbury / Arsenal

Barnsley / Norwich vs Chelsea / Luton

Everton / Sheffield Wednesday vs Wycombe / Tottenham

Swansea / Nottingham Forest vs Cheltenham / Man City

Brentford / Leicester vs Brighton / Blackpool

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