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Match to watch – Marine v Tottenham
For the third-week weekend, say the game? Is the magic of the cup sir? David and Goliath. Of. Giantkillings. On the cabbage-patch seats. The post was challenged by professionals.

It is the weekend of last year’s football season and Goliath is slightly better than Jose Mourinho. He takes his Tottenham players to the Northern Premier League Division One North West near Marine. It is the conflict of the ancient third round. At the very least, it would be if someone were allowed to watch.

As it is, almost everyone will see Mourinho’s millionaire take on NHS staff, a PE coach and a bin man is the Sunday evening session. Joint restrictions and absenteeism cost the hosts Kokoda 100,000 at lacing 100,000 but Marine has found other innovative ways to pump their minutes straight and will not allow a global catastrophe. their happiness.

Mourinho will no doubt turn to attraction, all the time wondering how soon he can get back on the bus, and the Spurs boss will clearly take advantage of the opportunity to rotate his squad. This is the biggest difference ever in the league. That means we can all see how Gedson Fernandes and Carlos Vinicius adapt to the Marine Travel Arena.

Fernandes could return to Benfica after the game, if he has not already rested, but for Marine, furlow is waiting. Their season is on hold, if they don’t turn Tottenham into the biggest shock of all time, then who knows when they will play their next game of the season which is currently suspended.

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